Delivery methods

Fitness products are large and heavy and assembly is only a small part of the process.

Normally this is not a problem for small products such as benches and accessories. But, if you live in an apartment and have bought a 200 kilos machine, perhaps it is best to hire a waiter and / or our premium delivery and assembly service.

Free at street level

Some products on our website include this modality. It will be considered as delivery "at street level (house entrance or apartment block)". Therefore, you are responsible for moving and installing the equipment in the place you choose.

Delivery with waiter

If you want the machine up with a helper at the door of the house or floor, you must hire this service.

Note: Due to the volume and weight of some products, this service may have problems at the time of delivery, either because the product does not fit through the elevator.

At street level + installation

The client will be responsible for bringing the machine to the chosen room. Once located we will send a technician for installation.

The period to perform this type of service varies from 8-12 working days approximately since you receive the item at your home. The technical team adjusts the routes and area based on the customer's merchandise receipts.

Home delivery + installation

Our technicians will carry the machines, on a date and time previously agreed with you. The machines will be assembled, tested in the place you indicate. We recommend requesting a personalized quote for orders with this service. The term varies from 8-12 working since the order was placed.

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